It all started in the Garden. Next came the soil. Our garden methodology includes a blend of techniques such as no-till, cover crops, crop rotation, and heavily amending the soil with organic matter (many thanks to our livestock sanctuary’s contribution to that). We believe it’s necessary to adopt organic methodologies to practice responsible farming that is much kinder to our planet. Small farms like ours not only support the sustainability of rural economies, but they also help protect our country’s natural resources, reduce pollution, and decrease soil erosion.

We don’t want chemicals in our bodies. We’re not going to put them in yours. It’s incredibly important to us to use ZERO chemical pesticides or herbicides on any of our produce. Yes, that makes it a little more challenging sometimes, but the benefits are worth it. Farming in Eastern Oklahoma means battling a myriad of creepy-crawlies on a daily basis, so we use solutions like diatomaceous earth (DE) powder, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) spray, Spinosad; and when we’re really ticked off, a small blow torch (it’s so very satisfying).  The high humidity here drives us to use neem oil to fight plant diseases such as powdery mildew and rust, especially since neem oil is non-toxic to many beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies, earthworms, ladybugs, predatory wasps; as well as birds, humans, and other animals. It’s important for all of us to know what’s in the food that we eat, so solvents and synthetic food additives utilized in large industrialized farming have no place anywhere at Dakota Star Ranch.

“By growing heirloom and other non-commercial varieties, small farms bolster biodiversity and increase food security.”  ~ National Geographic

“Research has shown that family farms provide multiple economic benefits for their communities, as they employ more people per acre than large, industrialized farms and are more likely to purchase inputs locally, keeping more money in their local economies. Studies have shown that small, locally owned farms have a multiplier effect: for every dollar the farm spends, a percentage remains in the local economy, contributing to the economic health of the community.” ~ Inspired Economist < Link: About Inspired Economist: CSR, Social Responsibility, Sustainability>

Plant a seed. Be the change. We’re very proud to help supply food for our area by growing amazing produce for our farm store, local markets, area restaurants, and the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Relationships within our community mean the world to us, and our heart lies especially with serving children and families who are hungry and need nutritious food. Alongside helping provide fruits and vegetables for needy residents in our area is our passion to educate, give back, and sow a seed in people’s lives. The power of a meal, inspiration, and fellowship are how we can help transform lives and communities.

Contact us to learn more about our programs. DONATE to Dakota Star Ranch Ministries to help expand our garden operation’s activities to supply more healthy produce to our area.