It all starts with our partners.  This is so much more than a “me and my” or “us four & no more” mindset.  We are a community who believes we can accomplish more working together than going it alone.  Our partners believe for, pray for, and support Dakota Star Ranch in many ways, such as monetary donations, volunteering, prayer support, promoting events, introductions, and so much more.

Here are a few of the many benefits of partnering with Dakota Star Ranch:

  • A positive increase in exposure and public relations for your business
  • Online and local promotions by the ranch as well as signage opportunities on ranch property
  • The opportunity to impact every person who visits through helping provide nutritional produce, impactful volunteering, and engaging classes and programs
  • Helping enrich the local community and beyond
  • VIP invitations and VIP-only events at the ranch

Being part of the DSR family is very near and dear to our heart.


Churches, schools, farmer markets, food banks etc. are key organizations serving on the front lines in our communities. They are the eyes, ears and even the boots on the ground working side by side those in need.  Knowing the pulse of our communities and surrounding areas is paramount to reach people effectively.

Subject Matter Experts

When we look at building community, we first start by connecting with  individuals who are looking to give back and have a passion to share their knowledge through educating.  These become our subject matter experts.  They are great at what they do and put in the right environment are able to  impart their knowledge to others.  The methodology for most classes will be taught using DPL, demonstration-performance-learning.  This hands-on method helps the students learn by implementing the lesson on site.


There are multiple opportunities to sponsor, whether it’s an event, structure or a service you provide. We know that most gardening, livestock, ranch work and other classes require materials and supplies.  We believe it is vital and necessary for us to support local business.  Therefore, the materials provided for classes can be donated or discounted by our sponsors.  In turn, through marketing and name display we advertise and promote the businesses through our marketing platform.


For additional information and availability about
being a partner or sponsor contact us.