Meet Hank, Hazel and Bentley

Hank and Hazel are our LGD who do an amazing job watching over the livestock and Bentley our newest LGD is quickly catching on with serious training from his new big brother and big sister.

Meet the Crew

The welcoming committee are fantastic.  Our goats and sheep love attention and will not let you forget to come around for cookie time.

Meet Matilda, Maisey and Marlee

While they, our miniature longhorns may be out in the pasture grazing they like to know what’s going on and love their treats.

Love for nature and animals…

Our passion is to love, share and empower people through our animals.  We have watched numerous visitors come to the ranch and change just by interacting with the animals whether a stress relief or just connecting to God’s creatures.  It didn’t take us long to see how special this was and how much we wanted to share it with others.

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